Cattle Drive Horseback Ride

Adventure Overview

Come back to the Old West! Relive the days when Cowboys moved cattle across The West. This is your chance to help move a herd of cattle and be a true cowboy/cowgirl. Spend a morning at the historic Bair Ranch working cattle on horseback in one of the most beautiful canyons in The United States, The Glenwood Canyon.

Like Cowboys of old, you will arrive first thing in the morning and after being assigned a horse for the drive, you’ll have a chance to practice your horsemanship skills. You will be taught the skills necessary to work cattle. Then we will proceed to ride out to join the herd.

We will be rounding up the herd and moving them from one pasture to another. You’ll have the feel of the old time drovers. The sound of the herd mooing and crying out, the dust caused by the hooves and the smell of stock being moved down the trail brings you to the true western experience.

Your ride will include a delicious trail side lunch. Come to Bair Ranch and join the us for the Western Adventure of a lifetime!

Any riders under 18 must be accompanied by and adult on the ride.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
16 years or older
Adventure Time
4 hours
Maximum Weight
270 pounds
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