Family Rafting Adventure

Adventure Overview

The ideal outdoor adventure for families.  Enjoy the fun and excitement of whitewater rafting with your kids in the outdoors while creating wonderful memories of time spent together on the river. Your kids will develop an appreciation for the great outdoors, get to know the wonders of nature, and have a terrific fun time. Our whitewater rafting guides are enthusiastic, safety conscious, and looking forward to introducing your family to the thrills of whitewater rafting.

A beautiful, pristine stretch of water, offering Unbelievable Rocky Mountain Scenery and a perfect mix of calm water, whitewater, and scenery. The float offers incredible views of the valley. Excellent for families or anyone interested in the natural history and beauty of this area. This section features interesting geology, gorgeous scenery, and some gentle whitewater.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
30 pounds or more
Adventure Time
2 hours
Per Person
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